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The Second Annual Innovation Club Christmas Party

For those who don’t know, the Entrepreneurship Department can throw a great party, as is evidenced by the success of the innovation club’s second annual Christmas Party at Beans on Broad. The party featured many key events, including games like Settlers of Catan and Bananagrams, a white elephant gift exchange, a chili cook-off, and of course an open tab that allowed students all the coffee and pastries they could handle! Throughout the night, more than seventy five students from all different majors joined us for an evening filled with holiday cheer and of course Christmas music.


The beauty that resides in this party is hard to describe. It is the culmination of a semester of great meetings for the innovation club, and a time for the whole department, and those from other departments, to unwind from a crazy semester and enjoy each other’s company. One of the times that makes this party so great is that many of our professors and staff are able to come and play games with the students. This year, professor Howley, professor Mech, and Mrs. Stillwaggon got themselves into an epic game of Settlers of Catan against reigning champion Karolina Lagerquist. Additionally, the party had a chili cook-off featuring Chicken Chili and Buffalo chili made by professor Howley, and beef and bean chili made by professor Carson. They were all so delicious that it was impossible to chose a winner!

The party has been the brainchild of the innovation club’s board of directors (Logan Hammerschmitt, Karolina Lagerquist, Ben Che, and Jordan Jensen) for the past two years. The party takes a lot of planning, but the end result greatly exceeds the effort put in. There is little doubt that this event is one of the highlights of my fall semester here at Grove City College, and the party shall continue on for years to come.

For those of you who missed the party, experience it here! Here is a 360 degree video of some of the things that happened at the party!

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