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Streamlined: Politics to the Point

Politics. The word conjures a feeling of complexity. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard a variation of “I don’t even know, it’s too complicated” in response to political current events. However, this response will not suffice for much longer. As college students, politics is transforming from something we learned in our text books while in high school into something that affects the “real world” in which we will work and raise our families.

This was the concern of a group of students at Grove City College. Political science majors David Kirk, Bryan Denny, Brooke Dymski, Jamieson Weaver and Christina Vilbert saw a problem in our society. There were news sources that spoke to millennials and there were news sources that aimed to simplify political news, but there lacked a news source that combined both. Upon this realization, the website Streamline was born.

Still in its beginning stages, Streamline aims to be a non-profit organization that partners with donors of older generations who value its worthy cause. Streamline will provide an online, un-biased, concise news source for millennials to become engaged and interested in politics. One of the many advantages that Streamline has over other new sources is that it is led by millennials themselves who understand the overwhelming nature of current events. In turn, Streamline will do the hard work for their readers by summarizing pertinent political news in an engaging way, choosing both topics and examples that apply to millennials.

Furthermore, the brilliant idea of Streamline is a great reminder of the power of ambition and creativity. Freshman year, the crew of Streamline would never have guessed their idea would stand where it is now. Now, a little over 2 years later, Streamline has been awarded Grove City College’s Venture Lab and will be funded to become a legitimate business that, hopefully, will carry far past graduation. Their success is an inspiration to other Grove City College students to work with their fellow students, to foster creativity, to build upon one another’s strengths, and to build upon an idea that will benefit others.

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