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Intramural Sports: Easy, Fun, Free


Intramural (IM) sports hold a special place on Grove City College’s campus. The overall athletic student body is very passionate about sports and staying active, and a lot of students participate in one or more of the 35 IM sports offered.

If you’re not familiar with this extracurricular activity, IM sports are recreational teams comprised of groups of students that compete against other groups of students within the same school in various sports.

At Grove City, we take this athletic endeavor seriously. Being the active community that we are, and having been the number two ranked IM program in the nation in 2013, Grove City offers a plethora of sports for students to play. From basketball, soccer and volleyball to tennis, badminton and softball, the options are seemingly endless. Within most of these sports, there are men’s, women’s and co-ed leagues, as well as divisions based on skill level, so students are sure to find a league that fits their interests and abilities.

Participation in IM sports is free and joining a team is very simple. Flyers around campus advertise different leagues, so all an interested student has to do is find some friends to join their team, email the manager designated on the flyer to sign up, look out for emails from that manager specifying the dates and times of games and show up to play.

Typically, two or three games are played each week during the evenings in the IM rooms. Each sport usually lasts a few weeks and ends with a championship. Winning teams receive custom made t-shirts which creates an incentive for winning.

Perhaps the best aspect of IM sports is the friendly, low commitment competition it provides. They offer a recreational break from studying and a chance to compete for fun. They are also a great way to get involved on campus and meet new people.

Junior Justin Scott who has been involved in an assortment of IM sports including football, volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and soccer sees them as “an easy way to burn off some calories and hang out with friends.” Justin first joined his freshman hall’s football team and has faithfully participated on many teams since.

For senior Alyssa Brossman, IM sports allow her to continue pursuing her favorite sport, tennis, without the commitment of playing at a varsity level. Since freshman year she has enjoyed the perks of IM sports through various tennis, basketball, soccer and badminton teams. “IM sports keep you active, enable you to be on a team with your friends and give you much needed study breaks,” she reflects.

IM sports are a way to not only be active and get some exercise, but also a chance to create fellowship among friends. Grove City is not short on sports to choose from, so if you’re looking for friendly competition and a way to relieve some stress, IM sports here are the way to go.

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