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An Inside Look At Grove City College’s Admitted Student Day

Grove City College’s Admitted Student Day offers high school students (already accepted) an academically exclusive experience at the College. Students are given the opportunity to meet the administration, faculty, future classmates and roommates. There are a plethora of activities scheduled including a welcome from President McNulty, Student and Parent Panel, Mock Classes, Internship and Career Panels, etc. The College seeks to confirm students’ decisions by the end of the event filled day, in hopes to offer students a new home in August.

Admitted Students 2

This year’s Admitted Student Day on April 2 was attended by over 300 students with over 900 guests (20 states represented). The top majors of the Class of 2020 include Mechanical Engineering, Accounting and Biology. According to Sarah Gibbs, Director of Admissions, “The purpose behind Admitted Student Day is to provide an authentic collegian experience to future students, giving them the opportunity to take a deeper look at their major’s department, meet future classmates and experience the friendly atmosphere.” Students are given the opportunity to make their final decisions by visiting the table for the Office of Admissions where they can deposit their checks. Steve Vago, Senior Admissions Counselor, emphasizes that it is crucial that current GCC students be themselves during the course of the day, exercising and displaying the College’s distinguishable friendly reputation. Gibbs and Vago have seen positive results and have received encouraging feedback, specifically from parents who found Student Life and Learning’s involvement with the Parent and Student Track Sessions along with the Student and Parent Panels very accommodating.

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Alec Gehman, future mechanical engineer in the Class of 2020, expressed that the role of Christianity along with the importance of faith was really evidenced throughout the day’s activities, which even further encouraged his decision. Father of Gehman, Bare states, “The involvement of the President, Faculty and Career Services made the experience surreal, truly displaying the College’s inclusive and pristine character.” A couple, who desires to remain anonymous, stated that they have seen the progressing role faith continues to play in the life of their daughter, who currently attends GCC, and are excited to have their son attend the College as a political science major. After attending the Admitted Student Day for a second time, they enjoyed returning back to GCC to learn about a different department where their son can succeed academically being trained in a school whose political views are in alignment with a moral and sacred worldview. After conducting numerous interviews with the administration, students and parents it appears that this year’s Admitted Student Day has outdone itself!

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