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GCC Offers New Majors and Minors

In a recent press release, Grove City College announced that they are offering new majors and minors in the 2016-2017 academic year.

In the Hopeman School of Science, Engineering, Mathematics, the Department of Biology will be offering three new majors including: Health, Molecular Biology and Conservation Biology. Counting for 10% of the student body, the study of biology attracts numerous prospective students annually. The three distinct majors are a repackaging of courses that already exist but are tailored toward careers in medicine, research and conservation application.

Dr. Jenkins, professor of Biology, states, “As a department we looked where our students were going after college and wanted to highlight certain programs that would better prepare them for graduate school or future occupations.” Out of the current 160 biology students, 10 have made a switch to the three new majors.

The Departments of Computer Science and Communications and Visual Arts are introducing a new minor in Computer Game Design and Development. Students who obtain this minor will be educated on the fundamentals of game design, development and critique. The Computer Science Department in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship Department will also be presenting a minor in High-Tech Entrepreneurship. This minor is geared towards students who have an interest in the technological division of high-tech spaces within companies.

Dr. Birmingham, chair of the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Departments, proclaims, “Both of these minors are multidisciplinary, allowing students of all majors to use there general elective hours purposefully and accessibly.” According to Birmingham, the departments initially collaborated in November of 2015 and both minors were successfully approved in December.

Under the provision of the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering, GCC is proud to present a Robotics minor to students interested in hands-on learning as well as practical design and programming. The Robotics minor equates to a capstone project for seniors. Those obtaining this minor will be educated on the integration of robotics in light of an ethical and Christian worldview.

Students also have the opportunity to achieve a minor in Medical Physics. The Physics Department is making a conscious effort to provide students with a minor that correlates with job interest in radiology, nuclear medicine and nuclear engineering.

Dave Tarnish, chemistry major of 2017, states, “The new Medical Chemistry minor helps prepare students who want to pursue the medical field get a more specific and relevant education.”

The Department of Political Science has recently added a Pre-Law minor. According to Dr. Stanton, associate professor of the Political Science Department, the Pre-Law minor will aid students seeking identifiable skills that the American Bar Association requires for those attending law school.

Stanton explains, “The minor involves courses in several departments that develop reasoning and logic skills, communication skills and some basic understanding of the U.S. Constitution, ethics and philosophy of law.” Dr. Caleb Verbois, assistant professor of Political Science, is the new Pre-Law advisor. In order to further assist students pursuing law school, Verbois is in current communication with lawyers of Grove City College’s administration, including President McNulty.

Students can learn more about these wonderful opportunities through flyers and postcards as well as digital marketing outlets including emails, phone calls and the College’s webpage.

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