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GCC Goes to CPAC

One of the most beautiful things about Grove City College is the myriad of passions that different students have. One particular hobby that many Grove City students seem to share is their love and involvement in politics. This isn’t surprising. The College is built on the foundation of “faith and freedom,” and itself has participated in defiance of government influence through its battle in the Supreme Court of the United States in the 1980s. It is logical then that students here are very zealous in their political beliefs. One way that Grove City students express this passion is through their attendance of the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC. Every spring, Grove City takes a few dozen students to CPAC; this year was no different. I had the chance to ask one of the student organizers of this trip, Brianna Buczkowski, a few questions about this incredible trip. Her answers are below.

What was your involvement in the organization of the Grove City trip to CPAC this year?

“Out of the student fellows [for the Center for Vision and Values] I was asked to be the point person for the trip meaning I led the discussions, created a new system for sign-ups and delegated other responsibilities to the fellows and also worked the closest with Mr. Wishing and Mrs. Vinton on the planning and execution.”

How many students attended CPAC this year? Is this a typical number?

“We had about 44 students attend. Our funding is adequate for us to take a coach bus full of students. Because the Center heavily subsidizes the trip the number of attendees, naturally, has to stay limited.”

Are students able to get out of classes to go to CPAC?

“Unfortunately no, students do not get officially excused from class, but professors are generally very understanding and supportive of students going on this trip.”

What kinds of opportunities to Grove City students have at CPAC?

“CPAC is only one aspect of the trip, which is officially called the D.C. Networking Experience, which is really what it is more so than just CPAC. We plan an alumni mixer event at the Heritage Foundation which is widely attended by alumni in the D.C. area, a breakfast at the Charles Koch Foundation and other think tanks and similar organizations for students to actually go to and network. And of course, we stay right at the Gaylord Convention Center where CPAC takes place so in free time students have direct access to the speeches going on and the exhibit halls and other events happening in conjunction with CPAC.”

Describe one of your favorite experiences at CPAC.

“Sitting in the media section in the back while speakers talked and being able to see people I see on TV! Super cool!”

CPAC is an awesome experience to network and hear speeches by the top conservatives in the U.S. If you get a chance to go, I hope you take it!

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