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Grove City College seeks to foster intellectual thought in all aspects of study. Its challenging liberal arts education provides students with unique educational experiences that touch various facets of learning. As our college grows, we are continually pursuing knowledge in new areas and expanding our existing departments.

One such feature that has developed in the recent past is design (within the Communication Studies and the Visual Arts department).

Five years ago, design classes were a mere idea. They are now a reality.

Professor of Design, Nate Mucha, has led the charge to expand the department through introducing a variety of classes at a high learning level. A graduate of the MFA Visual Communication Design program at Kent State University, Nate has brought a vibrant vision for the department and is actively integrating design within the campus community.

“Being image-bearers of God, design is an essential topic of exploration for Christians. There are underlying design principles that govern the universe and the way in which humans understand ideas, each other and creation. Through the study of design, students explore the way these principles interact in the pursuit of creating and sharing thoughtfully and effectively while at the same time understanding more thoroughly the mind of our Creator.” ~Professor Mucha

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He and senior design student Rebekah Fry are working to bring an AIGA student group to campus in order to offer design students a supportive out-of-class atmosphere as they grow in their knowledge and passion for design.

Through a series of comprehensive and well thought-out design classes, students will build foundations for design thinking, gain a solid understanding of essential design principals, expand their knowledge of industry-leading Adobe design software and complete projects that will challenge them in areas such as print material/layout design, web, branding, 3D interactive design, etc. They will master form while learning to collaborate, develop strategy and understand the people for whom they are designing—we call this human-centered design.

The program is an innovative and exciting look at how design integrates with the world around us and is a beautiful application for visual communication.

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.” – Buckminster Fuller

We seek to innovate in a beautiful and tangible fashion. It’s exciting, thrilling and present as we look to a future of meaningful visual communication.

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