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JMK Student Model: Grace

Grove City may be a small, but there sure is a taste for fashion in the town. Nestled in a local pharmacy behind Broad Street resides a small fashion boutique named JMK. With the goal of affordable and timeless fashion, JMK Boutique has brought a fresh wave of fashion with their boutique, fashion show events and local models. Every fall and spring season, JMK Boutique hosts a fashion show which showcases their seasons clothing lines. With each show, JMK creates a theme that captures the essence of their newest clothing. Although each theme may be different, JMK stays true to their goal of affordable and fashionable clothing. Since their first fashion show in 2013, JMK Boutique has continued to recruit local ladies and men from Grove City College and the town to model their seasonal clothing lines on the runway. The fashion shows are great ways for students to connect with the town and for the locals to connect with students. Each show is always different and exciting, as there are always different people, different clothing and different themes. This series tells the stories of  JMK student models who have modeled for two JMK fashion shows. 


Name: Grace Meakem

Class: Junior 

Hometown: Sewickley, PA 

Fashion inspiration: Audrey Hepburn 

It has been said that people are connected to their name and its meaning. For some, names carry significant meaning, culture and history. For Grace Meakem, she exudes all that her name carries; eloquence and kindness, the perfect combination for a JMK model. 


Grace appeared in her first JMK fashion show, “Dauntless,” in the fall of 2015. She also modeled in the most recent JMK fashion show, “Coastal Revival.” Both of these experiences were positive, opposite of the self-hate and insecure feelings the modeling industry induces. Instead of inflicting feelings of mediocrity and uncertainty, Grace appreciates the positive and supportive atmosphere, “It is such an encouraging environment that truly builds up each person involved. I think a lot of modeling situations have the potential to hinder people’s confidence but I have always felt so confident and appreciated at JMK!” 


It is easy to pick out a good model by their attitude. Grace’s attitude is something along the lines of, “hit me with your best shot” combined with “where can I help out?” She is resilient, low maintenance and adventurous, “I chose to do JMK because I wanted to challenge myself in ways I had yet to be challenged.” Since her pursuit for a new experience, Grace has evolved into a graceful and fearless model. Ready to try whatever is thrown at her, Grace has appeared on the runway in looks ranging from preppy and classic to trendy and edgy. 


With each show, one of Grace’s favorite parts is connecting with students across campus and within the town, “I have loved getting to know girls that I would have never met before. It is fun to form new friendships and create bonds with other models.” JMK offers a unique way for students and locals to connect and build relationships. With each fashion show, the friendships grow closer and stronger. To Grace, these relationships are the most valuable aspect of the JMK modeling experience.


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