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Mind, Body, & Seoul

The Office of International Education (OIE) at Grove City College provides its students with an opportunity to be culturally immersed into the Korean culture through a unique exchange program called Bahrom International Program (BIP).

Affiliated with Seoul Women’s University, the four-week program has been offered to both male and female GCC students for over 15 years. BIP matches international students from around the world with Korean students to live, study, and explore South Korea together.

Lectures, which are all conducted in English, are held in the morning and followed up with field trips to historical and cultural site in the afternoon. BIP participants can expect to learn about topics such as business and economics, the history and politics of Korea, as well as art, music, and religion.

One of the many attractions of this program is that students from all freshmen through senior year can apply for it and all majors are welcome. Various past BIP participants have shared their adventures in South Korea through study abroad discussion groups, study abroad fairs, and the OIE’s annual posterboard fair.

Unfortunately, some students or prospective students are unable to listen to the stories or look at the pictures from the previous trips to South Korea and they miss the chance to get involved in the program. Thankfully, the sojourners from the BIP exchange trip compiled a video to show what is behind the program and hopefully spark an interest in the possible future participants. Check out the video below to see what participating in the Bahrom International Program is like:

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