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A Day at Grove City College – Video

What is it really like to be a student at Grove City College? While tours are very informational, they do not give the down-in-the-dorm experience. Overnight visits are great to see what it is like to live on a residence hall, but what if you cannot find the time to do an overnight? Do not fret, for I have recorded my entire day into a short video so you can walk in my shoes for a little while – they are pretty stylish. 😉

My typical day is not super interesting because a lot of it is dedicated to class and studying – how it should be. Thankfully, it is what I do in my free time that makes college such a blast, and I hope when you come to college it will be the same for you. There are so many things to do on campus to make it feel less like you are here just to learn – like working out, picking up an extra curricular activity, or attending alternative chapel like I do in the video. Your day at college is what you make of it, so in 2-3 years when you are here with me, what will your 2 minute video look like?

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