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The Mountains are Calling – Hiking Near Grove City College

What better way is there to enjoy the recent spring-like weather then to grab a group of friends and go on a hike? Grove City College’s campus is located close to a number of excellent hiking trails. The options of where to go are endless, all you need is a car and couple of sojourners that are willing to tackle a trail with you. There is truly no better way to take a study break, then to head out into God’s creation and remind oneself to be still. There are a variety of locations close to campus with options of various trail difficulties and lengths. I’ve listed several suggestions for the casual walkers and serious hikers at GCC.

Wolf Creek Narrows Natural Area Sign

The first location is Wolf Creek Narrows. If there isn’t much time to spare and a quick escape is all that is needed then Wolf Creek Narrows is the best choice. It is only a 16 minute drive from campus and a moderate difficulty hike. It isn’t a trek up a mountain, but rather just a nice casual stroll along the creek that provides a scenic view of the narrow gorge and spring wildflowers.


If hiking isn’t enough to convince people to go out for a hike, maybe cliff jumping and swimming will be sweeten the deal. The second hiking option, ABC Frew Mill Trail, is a great place to go for a hike, work up a sweat, and refresh with a nice plunge into the river. Located in Moraine State Park, the trail is about two miles long and is welcoming to individuals of all skill levels. Be sure to hop in the car for a 25 minute drive to ABC Frew Mill Trail and don’t forget to pack a swimsuit!

McConnells Mill

The third option is just five minutes beyond the ABC Frew Mill Trail, but one of GCC’s top picks for a day in the woods – McConnell’s Mill Main Trail. McConnell’s Mill was created by draining glacial lakes which left with many boulders and valley floors. The trail ranges from moderate to difficult, but if you stay on the main trail it will be moderate the whole way through. It is just a quick 30 minute drive and then you are free to choose the trail to blaze.



The fourth trail on the board is Big Run Falls located in New Castle’s Cascade Park. Formerly an amusement park, Cascade Park has been transformed through the years. It has been cleaned up, the rides removed, and now is an established beautiful park that is open to the public. The falls are located along the edge of the hollow that allows people to walk around, observe, and take pictures of the area. The 45 minute trip is well worth the drive!


I’ve saved the longest trip for last, but the hour-long ride to Cook Forest is definitely worth it. With over 15 trails to choose from, Cook Forest is a great day trip for friends. There are many trails that connect with each other, a fire tower that offers great views of the sunset, and Seneca Trail gives hikers a great view overlooking the river.

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