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Your Passion is Here: 2017 Create Conference

Are you worried that your passion is not one of the majors offered by Grove City College? Is there a hobby that you would like to develop? On March 18, Abby Cunningham and Alexis Marnejon with the Communication and Visual Arts Department, Entrepreneurship Department, and Student Government Association will hold the 2017 Create Conference. This conference will be hosting professionals representing a wide range of creative fields such as photography, graphic design, fine art, and multi-media production. The day will feature main stage talks, workshops, small seminars, and a retail/connection event.

This event is really exciting – one of the guest speaks is from The Neighborhood Film Company. As a huge movie buff with dreams to one day to enter the film industry, this is a great opportunity for me to learn and connect.

With conference and events like this, I am sure that my passion will only grow and develop more. Having workshops and making a connection creates a door for my career path.

I have created a promo video for this coming event. Check it out!

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