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During my time at Grove City College, I feel some of the most beneficial things I have received is inspiration from various faculty members on campus. I felt as though I connected with these individuals and their teaching styles on a personal level. Another factor that inspired me was their passion for the subject they were teaching. Grove City College has so many amazing professors and faculty members, so I highly recommend during your time at Grove City, you get to look up to people who inspire you to be passionate and excited about your future. Without further ado, here is a list of those who have deeply inspired me.

Dr. Scott Powell


Dr. Scott Powell is a Professor of Business at Grove City College. He specializes in marketing. The classes I had him for are Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Retail Management, and Advertising. I would highly recommend any of these classes and I feel they will continually affect my thought processes and my future career. I am an international business major with a focus in marketing, and I am so happy that I chose marketing as my focus, because it allowed me to have Dr. Powell for four different courses. Dr. Powell is a very inspiring professor. He is passionate about the subjects he teaches, and he always presents an ethical and Christian worldview. He has been a great role model during my time here and always gives great advice.


Dr. Andrew Markley


Dr. Andrew Markley is the Director of the Business Department and because my major is international business, I was lucky enough to have him for many international classes. These classes included International Trade, Global Business Issues, and Business Law. Dr. Markley is very passionate and knowledgeable about business on an international level. I was so happy to hear a little bit from his perspective. He loves what he teaches and puts it into simple terms that anyone could understand. Dr. Markley is definitely responsible for making my international business education all that it could be and I am very thankful for that.


Dr. Andrew Mitchell


Dr. Andrew Mitchell is a professor of History. I had Dr. Mitchell for Modern Civilization which was one of the HUMA classes required for all students. I had this class as a night during the fall semester of my junior year, and then I went to France for a 10 day intersession as part of a study abroad option for this class. Dr. Mitchell is brilliant. His lectures are high energy and he shows thorough knowledge of every lecture he gives. While this course was challenging, I was so inspired by every lecture that I did not mind the challenge. While in France, Dr. Mitchell gave great insight into every historical site we visited. He was better than any tour guide I could have ever gotten had I of made this trip by myself! I highly recommend taking a class taught by him.


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