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5 Simple Ways to Have an Excellent Monday

Here are five tips on how to have an excellent Monday as a college student:


  1. Go to bed early. One of the best ways to make sure your Monday is a success is to go to bed early on Sunday, or at least on time. You don’t want to wake up groggy because you were on your phone until 2 a.m.
  2. Wake up early. One of the hardest things about Monday is trying to figure out what you have due that week. One of the best ways to stay organized is to wake up half an hour earlier than usual, grab your syllabus binder and planner and a pen, and write down everything that you have due that week. Waking up helps you to feel organized and productive.
  3. Start your day right! Start out your day with prayer and devotions. It will help you to maintain a healthy mindset throughout the week.
  4. Switch it up. Try to do something different this time around! If you always eat lunch in Hicks, see if you can eat in MAP. If you always workout at 3 p.m., try working out at 4 p.m. This helps break up the monotony that comes along with class schedules.
  5. Make time for people. It’s easy to get caught up with classes and homework, but don’t forget to make time for people. Even if that just means chatting with your roommate a little in the morning or hanging around during lunch a little longer than usual, people are good for the soul. So don’t forget to invest in your friends.

Hope you all have a happy Monday!

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