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On-Campus Jobs: Student Assistant at the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation

Many students are worried about working while they are at college, and luckily there are many opportunities at Grove City. There are many off-campus options due to our proximity to Grove City Premium Outlets as well as many great businesses to work at just barely off-campus on Broad Street like Sweet Jeanie’s and Beans on Broad. On-campus jobs are a great option, though, because supervisors understand that you are a student first and are able to be very flexible with scheduling, not to mention the “commute” is basically non-existent.

One of my positions on campus is as the student assistant to the program manager of the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation (CEI) at Grove City College. I started in this position in September of my sophomore year, and have enjoyed it ever since. The CEI recently increased its student staff, which means that there are many possibilities in this department.

In this position, I mostly work on administrative tasks given to me by my supervisor, Lynn Stillwaggon ’84. Twice a week I come into her office to work with her on details for that week. I also put together and send the weekly newsletter for the CEI. My jobs¬† can include anything from sending emails to students about events, and requesting help for events from faculty or staff to hanging up posters and writing our weekly newsletter. It has been a great opportunity to be involved in my major department and to understand the behind-the-scenes workings of our Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation.

One of the biggest benefits of this position has been a great relationship with my supervisor. Mrs. Stillwaggon is a Grove City College alumna and has been a great supervisor and mentor for me over the past two and a half years. In between tasks we will chat about our weekends and life in Grove City, to more important conversations about life in general. This is a benefit that I think many student workers at Grove City College can agree with – our supervisors become so much more than that and we learn so much from them. These positions are much more than menial jobs.

I have also gotten to know many other students on campus through this position, whether it be from sending emails in order to gain information for a press release or because I am helping to organize our annual Elevator Pitch Competition, I have interactions with all kinds of people who I may not have met otherwise.

Working on campus has been an excellent experience and I have learned so much from the people I work with.

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