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Surviving Freshman Year without a Car

Unless you have a special circumstance, as a freshman you are not allowed to have a car on campus. Good news, it is not the end of the world. As the most car-dependent person there is, I can tell you that you do not need one to survive. Here is my list of tips for getting by without a car.

  1. If you absolutely need a car, befriend an upperclassmen in one of your classes that has one. Offer to buy them Taco Bell if you need to get to Walmart.
  2. Groceries: Rite-Aid is a five minute walk from Memorial Hall. It has mostly anything you can need. If you are looking for more snacks, there is a gas station adjacent to the Rite-Aid at that intersection.
  3. Clothes: There are three thrift stores off the top of my head within a walk of campus. The closest one is on the opposite side of Broad Street along the train tracks. You can find whatever clothes you could possible need at one of these stores.
  4. Fast Food: McDonald’s has always been reliable, but lucky for students now, a Dunkin Donuts was just constructed right across the street from Thorn Field. There are more options down Main Street if you are willing to walk. My swim team here did a team jog to Dairy Queen for ice cream and ran back. Down the street (about a 20 minute walk) is also a Pizza Hut.
  5. Pizza: along with the Pizza Hut, there is a Fox’s Pizza, Cofarro’s, and Jordan’s. All three are on Broad Street and are open very late for those late night cravings.
  6. Movies: Guthrie Theatre is right on Broad Street. It always has the top movie out at the time and will not break your bank account.
  7. More Food: Along Broad Street there is a Italian restaurant, a family ice cream shop and diner, and soon to be Asian restaurant.

If there is anything you think of needing, just talk to an upperclassman. They have all gotten through freshman year without a car and have a solution for you. Do not be afraid to ask. There is always the store in the Student Union for random items you need.

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