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Major Switching at Grove City College

It is said that on average a student will switch their major three times. I switched my major twice. It is a scary idea to think about: taking classes, then switching your major and those classes becoming pointless. Will I still graduate on time? Is the switching process so complicated? I have the answers to alleviate the stress.

A little bit about my switches. I had my first major switch before I came. I applied for Marketing and switched to Computer Science (a switch between the School of Arts to the School of Sciences). I decided first semester to add a high-tech entrepreneurship minor (we are getting complicated adding minors now). I decided halfway through that first semester to switch my major and my minor. I was then an entrepreneurship major with a computer science minor. To top it off, this spring I am adding a design minor to go along with it.

Here is the process was for major switch one (marketing to comp sci over the summer before coming in freshman year)


  1. I sent an e-mail
  2. I received a reply that said I was switched and my schedule was automatically changed.

(Yes it was that simple. no crazy paperwork and no horrible scheduling change). As freshman you are mostly taking core and gen-ed classes so there is not that many major-related courses in your freshman year schedule.

For major shift 2: Computer Science major w/ high-tech entre. minor -> Entrepreneurship major with a computer science minor)


  1. Print major switch form or grab one from Registrar office (available on front desk)
  2. Write in your info with major and minor switch
  3. Go to department chair office hours (posted under myGCC or on office doors) to get the form signed
  4. Turn it into the Registrar office

That is it. After this, I just had a meeting with my adviser where we mapped out how my courses will work over the next seven semesters and I was nowhere close to being behind. I still had room to add another minor if I wished. So, when the new design minor is coming out Spring 2018, it is getting added to my schedule before graduation.

Grove City College has really allowed me to explore my academic and career interests. It is understandable that you may not have that same plan for yourself after you have gotten a chance to see your major and take some coursework. From my experience, it has been a super simple process to change your academic plan and have your schedule be accommodating to such. Rarely will you need extra semesters and the process is extremely simple. There is a reason Grove City has such a great graduation and retention rate.

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