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10 Things to do Around Grove City on the Weekend

One of my biggest concerns coming to a school in such a rural area was that there would be nothing to do on the weekends. Boy, was I wrong. Here is my top 10 list of things to do of the weekends. You may discover more than what is on my list, but that is all about making your college experience your own.

  1. Movies! Yes you can go watch movies with friends or by yourself in your room, but if you wander throughout the building’s hall lobbies you can find many groups watching different movies. Just jump in and join the party!
  2. Sports! Just like movies, hall lobbies will be crawling with sports fans, especially around the finals for the NHL, NFL, NBA, etc. Join in a viewing party.
  3. Get wet! Yeah, the rec pool has hours, but why not go a little bit more adventurous. During the early fall semester and later spring semester, grab some old clothes and some friends and go hang out in Wolf Creek under rainbow bridge.
  4. Dance! One thing I have noticed is that there are a lot of dances that happen at Grove City. There are the basics such as Homecoming and the Gala. But look out for themed dances throughout the semester that happen many weekend.
  5. Sing! Along with tons of dances, there are tons of coffeehouses and events where students show off their musical talents. Check out some of your classmates performing (perks of being at a small school, you know the singers).
  6. Grove City sports! Most weekends there is a home team competing somewhere on campus. Not just varsity teams, but club and intramural teams. Check out the Grove City College athletics website and Twitter for schedules.
  7. Photo-shoot! Grab some friends, get dressed all pretty and walk around campus taking some awesome shots. Check out a blog post I wrote about the top 10 spots to get that Grove City pic, but the more you explore the more photo spots you can find.
  8. Shopping! One of the nicest outlet malls in PA is right down the street, so if you have a friend with a car that can take you for a day trip it is a blast! If you do not have a car, do not fret, there are thrift shops and coffee shops within a walking distance of campus.
  9. Churches! Not only are there tons of churches to choose from for Sunday morning services, many churches hold weekend activities to get involved in their church community and ministry.
  10. Explore! So much of what I found fun in Grove City was not from a search engine or a Yelp list. I found so much cool stuff by getting out there and exploring the area. Take a trek to the train tracks. or see what is going on around Broad Street. If you are bored on the weekends it means that you aren’t looking at all. So, get outside your dorm room and opportunities for fun await!
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