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Football Spotlight: Daniel Sedjo

Daniel Sedjo

Mechanical Engineering Major

Class of 2018

Position: Right Guard

What has been your favorite football memory?

The Geneva game. That was always a frustrating game to lose in the past. I tore my ACL during the game sophomore year. It was really satisfying to beat them this year. It was finding our identity as a team, especially as an offense. The beginning of this year last season, we didn’t really know who we were.

What is unique about Grove City’s football team?

I think we have a great leader with Coach DiDonato. We have great expectations and there’s a great vision he puts in front of us. He can articulate it and present it so well and that is something real special.

What should a perspective football player know?

The visual that Coach D has set for the team is a bold one. The goal is to become PAC champions and that will happen in the next couple years. It’s where the team is currently going under coach D and we got to see that growth this season.

How was the program different from what you thought it would be coming in as a prospective athlete?

I came here and wasn’t sure I would play football in college. When I came here, I watched a game I wasn’t too impressed. What surprised me was the camaraderie and the brotherhood on the team. The first couple years had some aspects that weren’t great but what surprised me was the camaraderie.

What was your football experience like over the past four years and how did football affect your collegiate experience?

In season it takes up a lot of time so it is a commitment. I think that it has affected me socially. The friends I have on the football team are friends I’ll have for the rest of my life. The experience of going the first three years of not winning and the adversity, and then finally breaking through this year. Coach D says focus on the visual and not your circumstance and it sounds cliché, but over the past year that’s become a real meaningful statement. It was tough with the time, but the upside to it was that with other engineers on the football and with the support they gave was encouraging, it makes you manage your time well. It helped me a lot with my time management.

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