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Football Spotlight: Randall LaBrie

Randall LaBrie

Class of 2020

Finance Major

Position: Quarterback


What has been your favorite football memory?

I got an opportunity to become the quarterback and help the team, which was an amazing opportunity to step up.

What is unique about Grove City’s football team?

I think that it’s a group of guys that really care about each other, at other schools many kids are about themselves. Here, there’s a family connection between the guys and I think that is very special.

What should a perspective football player know?

It [the program] is in a positive direction. The team has a bright future in front of them because of the culture and the way things are developed there. There is such a strong connection of family and the Grove City College community backs us up so well. You have all the support in the world, all the way down from the president of the college to the players on the team.

How was the program different from what you thought it would be coming in as a prospective athlete?

In high school, you were kinda “the guy” when you are on the team, when you come to college you are having to find your role on the team all over again. That’s the big thing.

What has your football experience been like over the past four years and how did football affect your collegiate experience?

I’d say a lot of ups and downs, Through coming in and not being a starter and not playing and then now I am playing and starting and winning games. I remember where I was and can see where I am going. Being on the team has helped me stay focused and the guys on the team help a lot with academics. If you are in a class, the older guys can help you out. We had study huddles that the freshman go to to get help.

What would you say to a player that is on the edge of playing football at Grove City?

Play 100%. No matter what your role is on the team, its a family, being on the team you’ll find that, and it’ll open up so many doors for a young freshman’s life. Just by being on the team and a part of something.

The coaching staff is some of the most important people in my life, Coach DiDonato is one of those most inspirational people I’ve ever met. The coaching staff does everything. Coach D doesn’t just coach football: he teaches life. It’s not just football, football, football; we learn a lot of life lessons, and there is stuff you can take away from what he teaches and preaches. It has shaped my life differently from meeting him and playing for him.

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