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Diving: Bri Darnell

Brianna Darnell

May 2018

Psychology major w/ Biology and Spanish minors

What has been your favorite diving memory?

Most recently, it would be the Allegheny, it showed how the diving community is really an open community to be in. The divers are super nice, and it isn’t like the competitiveness gets between you and the divers, you actually get to get close when with them.

What is unique about Grove City’s diving team?

I would say that it is sort of a strange mix of people because we take walk-ons and you don’t have to have experience, you get a variety of people that are athletes in different areas and they come together to learn a new sport. It not only brings new people in the group, but new perspective into the group. New attitudes and new faces come onto the team.

What should a prospective diver know?

Never assume it’s too much of a time commitment, it’s always better to try than to count it out. You don’t wanna regret not doing something you’re passionate about in college. And even though it is a competitive sport, coming onto the team, you’re making a family and you don’t have to worry about it being cutthroat and having to reach theses standards  because you have support no matter what.

How was the diving program different from what you thought it would be coming in as a prospective student?

I thought that it was going to be a lot more stressful than what it is. I originally said I wouldn’t dive in college because it would be too much stress and too much of a time commitment,  but the time commitment has helped me balance my time more and learn not to procrastinate. The team in general and Tammy our coach has made it just a enjoyable experience that diving will always take away from the stress of school by how the team encourages you and how Tammy encourages me.

What has your diving experience been like over the past four years and how did diving affect your collegiate experience?

Diving had placed me in contact with people that  I would have not been put in contact to, even with the swim team. It has extended my friends on campus. There’s always someone that I can get a meal with or sit next to at chapel. Mentally it is been a “dumping” group, it’s where I can dump my school work and my stress and the bad things in the day and be surrounded by people that love me and encourage me and helps take my mind of things that bother me.  Spiritually, it’s been helpful to see that diving isn’t about what glory can I gain, but at this school we focus my energy on God and that He gives me the talent to do what I can do. And if I’m not focusing on God, I’m not diving to the best of my ability and when I focus on Him I’m diving to my full ability.

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