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On-Campus Jobs: Call Team Member of the Admissions Telecommunications Department

Grove City is really unique in its offerings of various on campus jobs, as well as off campus jobs. With so many local business, and some national chain stores nearby, it can be overwhelming at times. Thankfully, Grove City works with student’s schedules, and offers many on campus jobs with varying tasks.

This semester, I have had the fortunate opportunity to work as a call team member for Grove City Admissions. I started in the position beginning in late August when the semester began, and recently they have been looking for more callers to add to their team!

This position entails several tasks. Steve Vago is the organizer of the Call-Team, and is regularly interacting with the call team, whether through training, aiding a particular question, or guiding prospective students though their application process. I collaborate with Steve and get the script for the week, which is our guide to who our target audience is that we will be calling, as well as the reason for our call.

Additionally, we engage in conversation with the prospective student and answer personable questions about our own experience at Grove City. Often, high school students we call wish to learn more about juggling various activities, or as about the food on campus. What better way to show them about Grove City than to have its own students give credibility and their personal stories to others? Not only does it benefit the prospective student, but provides positive customer service experience and PR for the college.

Through this working position, I have noticed countless benefits that will be applicable to the real world. Interpersonal communication is vital in both the work place and daily life, and conversations call team members are having will enhance those skills. Additionally, the supervisor/employee relationship is very strong with this team. Steve will come in and is very understanding with students’ busy schedules and is intentional about getting to know his team members and how he can best help them succeed and relate to prospective students.

It has also been a blessing to have two other members of my housing group as call team members. Through our interactions in that setting, we have grown closer in friendship and brotherhood, and well as better collaborating and problem-solving through certain questions one of us might not be able to answer right away.

I strongly encourage students to really consider applying for an on campus position. You will learn invaluable skills and make lasting relationships with the people you work for and with.

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