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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Kimberly Miller

While interviewing Dr. Kimberly Miller, the newly-appointed chairperson for the Department of Communication and Visual Arts, it was extremely evident the passion she has developed for her job over the years and even more so now as she delves into her greater responsibilities. Miller began her career teaching at Grove City College as an adjunct professor in the spring of 2004 and quickly moved to a full-time Associate Professor in 2005.

The previous 10-year chair, Dr. Mobley, while currently on sabbatical, decided to move from that position to focus more on her interests in service learning. Dr. Miller described how amazing Dr. Mobley is in her commitment to the department as she embraced the role to serve and benefit the students of this campus. With Dr. Mobley’s switch, this allows Dr. Miller to carry on the aspects of practical, hands-on learning as she leads this particular division of study.

Immediately, Dr. Miller is excited about the upcoming film fest. Last year’s film fest was a success as it sparked students interests in watching creative short videos and showcased the talented videographers of Grove City College. After teaching a film history and theory class, Dr. Miller was able to explain to her students the enthusiasm she had for all of the aspects in the movie industry.

Her family of four, with one of her daughters as an incoming freshman this fall, makes her even more excited to dive deeper into the comprehensive future decisions of the department. When she was just 20 years old, she was the first female to land a broadcasting internship with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Though it was not easy, her perseverance every single day allowed her the success in the baseball industry and this is a trait she wants to pass on to her daughters and students.

With only three weeks under her belt in the spring semester, Dr. Miller is still adjusting to the newer issues and demands at hand in the department. She discussed how many facets of the job that are not usually realized, even something as slight as unusual classes that count toward a communication credit. Dr. Miller is extremely grateful for Dr. Mobley; her advice and guidance throughout the years has helped shaped Dr. Miller into the person she is today. Along with Dr. Mobley, fellow department professors Dr. Brown, Mr. Mucha, and even the newest adjunct Mrs. Pritchard give support and wonderful reference points. The energies and passion of the professors bring out the best for the department as a whole.  Dr. Miller looks forward to the future growth of the overall program and the ways she can further serve the students of Grove City College.


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