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Junior Crimson Day

Looking Forward to Junior Crimson Day

Calling all High School Juniors!

If you are a junior in high school, Grove City College would love to see you at Junior Crimson Day on April 21! The event will begin at 8 a.m. in the Physical Learning Center and will last until 2:30 in the afternoon. Up to 1,200 students and parents will be in attendance to get their first inside look at Grove City, and they will experience much of what the College has to offer.

After morning registration, optional sessions are provided to learn about financial aid and how to plan for college. Following these sessions, president of Grove City College, Paul J. McNulty (’80), will present a warm welcome to everyone. After listening to and learning from other respectable speakers, those attending will be able to explore the campus with various activities scheduled. Those activities include:

  • Major Interest Fair
    • Learn about the various majors at Grove City
  • Residence Hall Sneak Peek
    • A look inside freshmen halls and dorm rooms
  • Walking Tour
    • Escorted by student tour guides
  • Lunch
    • Provided by Grove City’s dining halls
  • Financial Aid and College Planning 101 Sessions
    • In case you missed the morning sessions!

Personal Experiences

After speaking with two current students about their experiences at Junior Crimson Day, I found that they were both impacted in a positive way. Attending this event helped guide them in their college decision, and it could do the same for you!

“Junior Crimson Day allowed me to see the school in a more realistic sense than I would have on a tour of the campus. I was able to spend two nights with students in their dorm rooms, exposing me to what life is like at Grove City College. The scheduled events gave my parents and I insight to what the College offers and values, along with the logistics of actually attending.”

-Gretchen Basham, Freshman

“Junior Crimson Day was the first time I had visited Grove City. I fell in love with the school by getting to see how the current students volunteered their time to be speakers, and even all the students who were working were helpful and relatable. After coming to Grove City, I decided I wanted to be able to impact incoming students the way I was impacted, so I joined the admissions team and have got to work at two Junior Crimson Days which has been a great experience”

-Victoria Graf, Senior


If you would like to register for Junior Crimson Day, you can sign up at The registration link is located at the bottom of the page.

Grove City College welcomes all who are available to come, and we hope to see you on April 21!


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