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Having Fun with Your Electives: SOCI 251

SOCI 251 (Courtship and Marriage) is a class that I am currently taking this semester. It is a class that does not pertain to my major, but I took it expecting it to be an easy three credit elective where I had potential to gain some useful knowledge. The class brings up a multitude of things that I would have never thought about otherwise. The course’s main topic of discussion is communication and how it is so vital to not only marriage relationships, but relationships with your friends, family, and other loved ones as well. It teaches how to be a good communicator, how to really listen, and how to set your future marriage up for success.

I have never taken a sociology course before, so this class has been very different to me, but a good different. It has brought a lot of things to my attention that I would have never thought of before. Some of these things include the effect that facial expressions and other nonverbal cues have on a person, and also the way that your family shapes you into who you are. I went to a small, public high school where no course remotely similar to this was offered. With everything in the media, you sometimes get this false image of what a relationship is or what it should be like. Often times, the image that we perceive due to all of these things mentioned falls short of what a Christian relationship should really be. This being said, with being a Christian in the world we live in today, I saw this class as the opportunity to branch out from my major of accounting and learn not only what these quality aspects of a successful marriage include but also logic and information in the field of sociology that has helped me to understand myself and my being.

Although this course has not taught me any skills I will need specifically for accounting, I feel as though it will have a big effect on the relationships I have now, the relationships I will create, and how well I maintain those relationships. Even though it does not pertain to my major, I am going to have relationships with people in my future career and due to this course, I will be able to better communicate with those people. This class is one of the many courses that are an option to you as a prospective student that will not only preparing you for marriage but also your career and help you to grow both mentally and spiritually in this thought provoking course. Something not all majors may be accustomed to.

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