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Student Internship Spotlight | John Perry

John Perry is a senior Finance major with a minor in Accounting. He is from Vienna, Va. John is a member of the housing group Sigma Phi Omicron while at the same time a member of Delta Mu Delta Honors Society. John’s internship took place in the summer of 2018. The following is the Q&A […]


Student Internship Spotlight | James Sutherland

James Sutherland is a junior Political Science major from Washington, D.C. James is a member of the Sigma Phi Omicron housing group on campus while also being the Chief Editor for the Collegian, the College’s newspaper. James received an internship in 2017 with Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which is a non-profit law firm that specializes […]

ART 207 blog

ART 207 | Advanced Ceramics

Interested in taking some art electives during your time at Grove City College? If so, ART 207 might be an interesting opportunity for you. ART 207, also known as advanced ceramics, is a course for students who either have already taken a ceramics course at Grove City College or who have experience outside of the […]

ART 103 Blog

ART 103 | Beginning Hand Building

Whether your artistic abilities are horrible, great, or somewhere in between, ART 103 could be an intriguing option for you! This class is a three-credit art course at Grove City College where students are given the opportunity to work with clay to create artistic pieces. The class covers the basics of creating art with clay […]


Tri- RHO Extravaganza | What It Is and Its Significance to My College Career and Life

Fill in the blank: There is never a dull moment at __________________________. If you said Grove City College you are correct! Grove City College, its various departments and organizations, sports teams, and on-campus groups all take part in maintaining a consistently entertaining campus life. With events, dances, meetings, games, and loads more forms of entertainment […]


Audit Internship Tips III: Three tips to Help You Succeed!

“An auditor’s job is to perform tests of a company’s financial statements and perform other various assurance acts to provide their clients and their client’s stakeholder’s confidence in the preparation of financial statements and confidence in the processes in place at a client’s location. ” In having performed an audit internship, I would like to […]

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