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Community Spotlight: Resident Director

The Resident Directors of Grove City College are some of the most influential community builders on campus. Resident Directors live in the student dorms full-time and focus their time on making campus life as comfortable as possible. RDs, as we lovingly call them, oversee the Resident Assistants, arrange events, and are available to residents whenever needed. Meredith Gross has been the RD of Harker Hall for four years. Here is what she has to say about the campus community from her aspect.

What was your education prior to coming to Grove City College?

I attended Messiah College for history and communications, and Taylor University for my Master of Arts of Higher Education and College Student Development.

What is your favorite/ most rewarding aspect of being a Resident Director?

Getting to educate outside of the classroom! Some of my most influential learning opportunities happened through applying what I learned in classes to my personal growth outside of my academic life. Getting to talk through these moments with students, seeing their growth, and cheering them on is by far my favorite thing!

Does the community aspect of Harker change per year or is it fairly consistent? 

There is some change, but much of it is the same because of groups. I love this!!! I love having many of the same residents for a few years. It feels like a very cool gift. Many times my students are not the same as they were as sophomores when they graduate and that is really cool to witness.

How do you try and build community in Harker?

I try to build community by being available, approachable, and consistent. Being a young adult is hard, anything I can do to help in that process is what I want to be about.

How would you describe the community at Grove City College?

In Residence Life we talk about three pillars we want to be about… presence, preparation, and partnership. I think that’s how I would describe Grove City at its best as well. At its best, our students are involved with events and each other, they are preparing for life after college through leadership opportunities and growth, and they are partnered in their educational journeys with the administration and faculty. I love this community! I have truly come to love all of it in the four years I’ve been here. It also means I seek its continual growth because I care about the direction it heads.


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