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Double Chapel Credit

Double Chapel Credits

Grove City College requires students to obtain 16 chapel credits throughout one semester. Chapel credits are offered every Tuesday and Thursday for chapel, which most students usually attend, every Sunday night for a Vespers service, and for myriad additional lectures and events offered throughout the semester. While students at times complain that their semester’s worth of procrastination in obtaining their chapel credits does usually come back to haunt them, there is one event that unites the student body to make sure they attend a double chapel credit opportunity.

While these are usually pretty rare (at most once a semester), these are usually the highest-attended chapel events all semester (for obvious reasons). Students receive two whole chapel credits for attending these events. To put this into perspective, that is one full week of Tuesday and Thursday chapels in a one-hour event. It is easy to see why these would be so popular.

In the past, there have been double chapel credits offered for Orientation Board’s (OB) All-Campus Worship event held on the Quad, which aside from the amount of chapel credits offered, is a top favorite for all students. This year, the Homecoming Worship Service offered double chapel credit in Harbison Chapel. This, once again, drove out the students in masses (for the chapel credit and also for the features of the event). For starters, the service opened with the Warriors Worship team opening with a few songs, before the Homecoming Committee welcomed an alumnus to speak to the student body, offering his words of wisdom from his time as a student with his time in post-graduate life. The service then closed with a few more songs before dismissing students, making sure everyone got their student ID scanned to receive their credit.

This year’s speaker was Josiah Leuenberger (’08), who is now the director of young adult ministry at Orchard Hill Church, a church in the greater Pittsburgh area.

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