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Confessions of an Orientation Board Member

Orientation Board (OB), the group of overly excited upperclassmen clad in crusty white T-shirts. Whether it was a question brought to the info booth, the screaming madness of move-in day, or the connection group “parent,” every student has encountered the infamous OB member. It seems that the reactions to OB can be very polarized, some feeling energized themselves by these people while others do everything in their power to avoid this group.

So, what is this group and what is its mission? This is a group of around 100 students who apply to be a part of Orientation Week at Grove City College. This diverse group forms in the spring, where the members prepare and pray for the new students even before they commit to Grove City College. The mission statement of the group is as follows:

Our mission is to show Christ’s love to new students on campus through relationship, service, and prayer.

The mission of OB is simple and has Christ at the focus, which drew me to want to apply along with how fun loving and outgoing this group was. The first year I applied, I was so excited and nervous to find out if I would be accepted and which of the five committees I would be placed on. I was lucky enough to be selected, which was surprising to me because it was a selective group due to the numerous applications OB receives every year. I was placed on the Religious committee, which I was not expecting, but has turned out to be one of my biggest blessings.

Being a part of Orientation Board for the past three years was a huge part of my experience at Grove City College, but I will not pretend that it was always easy. As energetic and crazy as the OB members may be in the first two weeks, the down time we have is cherished greatly. Many members of Orientation Board are extroverted, but many are more introverted in their personalities. Either way, it is impossible for anyone to be on the top of their game when so much is asked of the OB members over the first two weeks of school. From planning, setting up, executing, and cleaning up each of the events, things can get hectic pretty easily. The amount of running around and planning that happens behind the scenes is typically underappreciated. As a member of Orientation Board, I can testify to the fact that this is a hard job, but it is also so rewarding.

As much as OB works to serve the incoming students, the way this group works, also, has been able to pour into the other members of OB. Within the five committees of the organization, there are many opportunities to meet and invest in the lives of people you may not have met before. It provides a way to work with people towards a common goal. You meet people who care about you and your well-being, and that is seen from the time the committees form through the rest of your time at Grove City College. While some of the work is tiresome, I would apply to be a part of this every year I would be able to. Orientation Board has been a valuable and integral part to many students at Grove City College, and that is my confession.

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