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Fully Known, Fully Loved: Relational Ministry through Young Life

Grove City College is host to a variety of different ministries and service opportunities. Being a Christian campus, there is an emphasis on looking past your own circumstances to help others in any way that you are equipped to do so. Young Life is one of many ministries that has found its way to campus, with 54 leaders currently involved, it is only looking to grow.

Young Life is based on relational ministry, the premise is that leaders go out into high school or middle school communities and build relationships with kids. By being a part of their lives and gaining genuine friendships, leaders earn the right to share the gospel with kids.

Young Life is based on the “five C’s” which are Contact Work, Campaigners, Club, Camp, and Committee. Each has an integral role in the ministry and work together to create positive experiences for kids. Contact work is what takes up the bulk of the leaders’ time, it could be something as simple as attending football games every Friday night to doing intentional discipleship with a high schooler. Ultimately, this is how relationships are built, by showing up and being present in high schoolers’ lives. Campaigners is a bible study for boys and girls who have a desire to campaign on behalf of Jesus in their schools. They do a lot of the ground work in getting people to Club, which is “controlled chaos.” It is an environment where kids can let their guards down and have fun, the program breaks down walls and prepares them to hear a gospel message each week. At the end of the year the hope is that kids will go to Young Life camp and experience Jesus even more potently during the best week of their lives. All of these endeavors are supported by Committee Members, adults in the community who have a heart for high schoolers and are willing to give in various ways to make sure the ministry thrives.

At Grove City, Young Life is a community in and of itself, leaders meet each week to share about their struggles and triumphs, joys and challenges. It is an amazing opportunity to put into practice the Christian values that are instilled in us each day. Senior Kristen Bishop, a leader at Hickory High School, has been a part of Young Life in the area since she was a student at Grove City High School. Her favorite aspects of leading are the “lifelong friendships made between kids and leaders, the way being a leader pushes you in your faith, and how much fun it is, so much laughter and good memories.” Being able to do ministry alongside your peers in a relational way is a unique opportunity afforded to Young Life leaders. There are currently five high school ministries up and running with many more on the way.


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