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Dr. Weaver

A Fresh Outlook on Vespers at Grove City

 Traditional or Contemporary?

Those of you who visited a year or more ago may have experienced chapel with Dr. Stan Keehlwetter, the previous Dean of the Chapel here at Grove City. Among being a great leader and an excellent orator, Dr. Keehlwetter was very traditional in how he ran his chapel. I enjoyed his Sunday night Vespers (a service hosted in the chapel every Sunday with the opportunity to receive a chapel credit), as a much more traditional liturgy than I grew up with. However, many college students are on the run from traditional backgrounds, hoping to start afresh, looking for something crisp yet consistent about their faith. So what does the new Dean bring to the table?

Changing of the Guard at Harbison Chapel

Upon Dr. Keehlwetter’s retirement, Dr. Dean Weaver has taken to the ministry and has reformed how chapels and Vespers are run on campus. As interested as I was in Vespers last year, I knew I wanted to see how Dr. Weaver ran them. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed! If you enjoy music, as I do, Vespers will be an instant hit for you. Dr. Weaver spends a majority of his chapel time in worship, with a team of students leading the charge. The music does an impressive job of not only appeasing my love of contemporary worship, but also weaving in the traditional. Some old hymns are spiced up, some are left as they are, and many newer songs are used as well. Consequently, when it comes to music, vespers are pleasing to both the traditional audience and the contemporary.

Furthermore, the message Dr. Weaver presents is pertinent and consistent. He challenges the congregation with his insights of the scriptures, and is an excellent orator to boot. As a pastor, Dr. Weaver has a clear understanding of how to lead God’s sheep. Additionally, as a Grove City grad, he knows what motivates us, and how to guide us. In a word, Dr. Weaver is an incredible believer with a gift for sharing the word of God, Grove City is lucky to have him.

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