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Junior Leah Bovard with her little, sophomore Alexis King.

The Truth Behind Sororities on Campus: Alpha Beta Tau

Sororities at Grove City College are unlike sororities at public universities. These groups on campus are closely regulated by the College, provide an ample amount of ministry opportunities, and create space for students to form life-long friendships.

There are eight sororities on Grove City’s campus. This provides a chance for students to find a group that best fits one’s personality.

Sororities at Grove City College include the Alpha Beta Tau sorority.

Junior Leah Bovard with her little Alexis King.

The largest sorority on campus is Alpha Beta Tau, also known as ABT. Junior ABT Leah Bovard has had nothing but excellent things to say about her group. When asked to describe her sorority in three words, Leah said, “Genuine, intentional, and fun-loving.” Leah then described the types of relationships that have formed since joining the ABTs and said, “I have formed so many different relationships in ABT, I have met some of my best friends. I have also become friends with people I wouldn’t have met outside of the sorority and been able to bond with people going through similar tough life events.”

Some of Leah’s best friends include her little, Alexis King. Now, a little is a new member of the sorority who is being mentored by her big, in this case Leah. The big-little relationship is set up so that the new girls in the sorority can have an upperclassman mentor them in the ways of the sorority but in life as well.

Leah was asked if she would recommend joining a sorority at Grove City to prospective students and she responded with a resounding yes. She expanded on this notion by saying, “Grove City sororities have an interesting opportunity to be a Christ-centered living community for students, something that is not seen through Greek life at most other schools.” Leah is also extremely honest about what her experience in Greek life at Grove City has been by saying, “While there will be times when you think life would be easier without it, the times where the group feels like your home away from home are exponentially greater.”

Within the Alpha Beta Tau sorority at Grove City, close-knit friendships are being born through community, fellowship, and a wide variety of girls that make up the group. The ABTs are a group of about sixty girls who are extremely welcoming, kind, and ready to lead new members in the way of Christ.

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