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Sigma Theta Chi sorority sisters of Grove City College

The Truth Behind Sororities on Campus: Sigma Theta Chi

Sigma Theta Chi, also referred to as the Sig Thets, is one of eight sororities on Grove City’s campus. Junior Sig Thet Samantha Funderlich only has wonderful things to say about her experience joining this sorority.

When asked to describe her sorority in three words, Samantha said, “The sisters of Sigma Theta Chi are loyal, sincere, and fun.” I could not think of a more accurate description for the Sig Thets. Sig Thet members are striving to uphold the ideals in their constitution as well as create a space for disciple making in the sorority. Samantha expressed how her group on campus has affected her walk with Christ when she said, “…I have become a better person and a strong Christian, specifically through the women in my family line. I would not have asked for a better experience at Grove City College.”

Sigma Theta Chi sorority sisters of Grove City College

Junior Samantha Funderlich and her fellow Sigma Theta Chi sorority sisters enjoying the Grove City sun.

In addition, Samantha described her experience and what that has been like since being an active member of the group, commonly referred to as “actives.” She said, “Since my first experience with the girls, I have formed deep friendships and mentor relationships with the other actives. Having all of the older actives pour advice and love into our relationships was a great experience being a junior, I have loved every part of being able to guide the younger women to becoming who God wants them to be.”

Grove City provides its students with ample opportunity to find community, discipleship, and life-lasting friendships. One way to find all three of these things is by joining Greek life on campus. Sororities at Grove City give students the chance to meet new people, specifically through the process called Rush. Not only are these groups at Grove City incredible for community within the group, but Greek Life is also amazing for community building with other groups on campus. Samantha Funderlich has experienced this first hand through joining the Sigma Theta Chi. Samantha would recommend joining a sorority because “they are great for benefiting the community through philanthropy/charity work, provide you with leadership opportunities, networking through actives and alumni, and above all else: creating fun memories and relationship.”

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