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Getting Published: Campus Magazines and More

Most writers know that getting their work published and out for the world to read is an intimidating feat. At the Grove, we have several campus publications that thrive on and publish only students’ work! Written by students and for fellow students, faculty, visitors, and community members, Grove City student publications encourage students to write everything from short stories to book reviews and poetry.

Here at the Grove, we have publications that fit every writer and style, from journalists to aspiring poets. Getting work published is an accomplishment students are proud to show their friends and family while they gain valuable writing experience and credibility to bring to future employers. Student editors staff each publication and provide helpful, constructive feedback to student writers.

Campus Newspaper

For aspiring journalists, Grove City publishes the College newspaper fondly called The Collegian. Content for the newspaper comes from students reporters who attend campus events, interview students, and cover any activities or exciting additions to Grove City. The Collegian covers everything from sports to movie reviews. Writing for this publication is a great way for students to be aware of campus current events and meet new students or even professors.

The Quad and The Echo

For those with a story to share, the College also publishes two literary magazines. One is the Quad, a student-written magazine that publishes short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, essays, and more. The Quad publishes four issues per year, and editors distribute the magazine all over campus and at several small businesses in the Grove City community. A sister (and sometimes rival) publication to the Quad is the Echo, a magazine that publishes student art, photography, and poetry. Both publications offer students the opportunity to share their work with Grove City and its surrounding community.

Getting Involved

Students can also hold editorial positions for campus publications. Each publication has teams of editors that curate work, discuss with writers, and copy edit students’ writing for the final, polished result. Being a part of the editorial staff allows students to read their classmates’ work, learn to provide meaningful and valuable editorial feedback, and be involved in the publication and marketing process. To get involved, students submit their work electronically to the publication of their choice. From there, they will receive editorial feedback and be on the road to getting published.

Grove City’s student publications not only encourage students’ creativity and writing, but also represent the College. Grove City strives to uphold its reputation for academic excellence intertwined with Christian belief, and both of these values are evident in its students’ written work.


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