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Sports Information Assistant

On-Campus Job Spotlight: Sports Information Assistant

Tell me about the typical day as a Sports Information Assistant in the Athletic Department.

I normally work three times a week for an hour each day. During that time, I help our Sports Information Director, Ryan Briggs, with various tasks. Some of the things I do include researching opponents for upcoming games and matches, processing rosters, schedules, and details for the sporting events on campus. The majority of my work is done on the computer and there are other Sports Information Assistants that help get these tasks done.

Who encouraged you to work on-campus?

My basketball coach, Chelle Fuss, helped me get this job. She recommended me to Mr. Briggs, and ever since then I have been working with him for the past two years. I am very grateful to have a coach who cares so much about her players because without her I am not sure what on-campus job I would have.

How has this position helped you grow as a student?

Working with the athletic department has helped me become more knowledgeable about the sports going on around campus. I am more aware of the athletes who play sports here at Grove City College and that allows me to create more connections and network. In terms of growth, I am more involved with the Grove City College community, and I look forward to growing my relationships here.

How do you balance working on-campus, playing a varsity sport, and academics?

I have a lot of experience with time management coming from high school, and I know my priorities are academics first, then sports and a job. It is important to get yourself disciplined to be in a daily routine and make a schedule that you can stick to.

Do you have any advice for a prospective student who is interested in working on-campus?

I recommend if you are looking to work, I would do an on-campus job because it gets you more connected within the Grove City community. You become closer with professionals around campus, which leads to more connections when you graduate and go to the “real” world. Plus, it is always nice to make money while at college!

Sports Information Assistant

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