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Grove City College: Working a Job While in College

Being a student in college takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but also a large sum of money in most cases. Summer jobs or internships are a good way to help save money to put towards college. But that does not help cover all of the costs that accrue. Between tuition, books, extra food, car payments, and whatever else may come up, there are a lot of expenses to think about. At Grove City College, there are many on-campus job opportunities for students. Anything from cafeteria help, bookstore, tutoring positions, tour guides, and many jobs in between, there is something to fit the interest of most people.

Sometimes, on-campus jobs can get applied for and taken very quickly though. If this is the case, or none of the options interest you, off-campus jobs are always an option as well. Whether you live locally and already have a job coming into school, or if you apply for one once you arrive, it is always a possible option for extra income. There are many nice restaurants, fast food chains, and stores that are interested in hiring college-aged students. Grove City Premium Outlets, only about 10 minutes away from Grove City College, is a great option when searching for a job. The outlet mall offers over 120 stores as well as a food court for people interested in the food industry.

As for myself, I have had a job at the outlet mall since the summer before my freshman year here at Grove City College. I decided to continue working throughout the school year as well rather than trying to get an on-campus job. Personally, having the off-campus job helped me to have a different change of pace every once in a while along with gaining retail experience and make some extra cash.

There are many opportunities to make some extra cash while in college, whether it is on-campus or off-campus. It gives you a way to make some extra cash, builds experience, and helps to improve time-management skills.


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