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As a student in college living in such an advanced technological age, one may find it merely impossible to get work done without a laptop. Well I am very happy to inform you that upon enrollment you will receive a laptop for free!

Grove City College has partnered with technology giant, HP, to provide each of their students with HP 2-in-1 laptops. The computers are usually the most up-to-date PCs and are chosen for the students so that they can have them throughout their duration at the College and after graduation.

In addition to the tablet personal computers, the college also provides the students with a printer, book bag, and technology service at the Technological Learning Center. The technology service deals with both minor and major repairs on the hardware or software that is provided to the students. The problem and the repair is usually diagnosed and taken care of within a timely manner depending upon severity.

Aside from personal printers, each student also receives up to 50 dollars of printing that is re-loadable each semester at the Technological Learning Center. This option is very popular among students as it routine to print prior to going to class.

Additionally, the school loads the computers with the Microsoft Office suite. Each student is given an email through Outlook that can be used for both internal and external matters. Another popular application among the students is OneNote. This application allows for students to type or even write their notes with the smart pen that is also provided for the laptops.

Grove City College really takes the time to meet the needs of each and every one of their students. Purchasing a laptop, printer, and software can be added stress for families already stressed due to cost of education. The College understands this and meets each student half way in order to provide them with the materials to live up to their true potential during their time here.

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