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What is a Teacher’s Assistant?

College is a busy few years. Between schoolwork, sports, clubs, and Greek life, many students have trouble managing a schedule, and having a job is not even a thought. Being a teacher’s assistant is a flexible and rewarding job. A teacher’s assistant is a student that helps a professor with grading assignments, such as homework and papers. It is a pleasant college job because you often do not have to be present somewhere for a set schedule. Often, the professor hands you a stack of homework to grade with an answer key and you can do it from the comfort of your own dorm. All you need to do is keep track of your hours and log them into the system. It is often even therapeutic and rewarding to not only feel like you are accomplishing something while getting paid, but you are helping a professor that has a lot of his plate as well.

Professors are very appreciative of students who offer their time to help them with their coursework. The job also allows you to form a stronger connection with the professor. It is often refreshing after a long day of classes to meet up with the professor for a few minutes to go over some work and maybe even chat about life. It is an enjoyable job because it is flexible and often professors are very lenient on deadlines. It is rare that I have been told that something needs done by tomorrow and that it is urgent. Usually, there is little pressure to complete your assignments because professors understand that like them, we are busy too. It is a relatively easy and enjoyable way to earn some extra cash while being a college student.

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