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Varsity Women’s Track and Field Spotlight: Rohanna Foote

Rohanna Foote, class of 2020, is well-known at Grove City College as one of the top sprinters for the Wolverines Track and Field team. The Ardmore, PA native had a standout season in 2018 and is looking to capitalize on her success for her final year as a sprinter. Academically, Rohanna is majoring in International Business with Marketing and French concentrations. Off the track, Rohanna enjoys spending time with her discipleship group and Students Excited About Diversity (S.E.A.D.). I had the opportunity to sit down with Rohanna and discuss her upcoming track season and the impact Grove City College has had on her life up to this point.

Why did you choose to come to Grove City College and compete on the Track and Field team?

What would you say is unique about Grove City College’s Track and Field team?

I think the community here is really special. I visited Geneva and Westminster before Grove City, but I felt most at home with the track team here. Also, I enjoy how we are all brought together by Christ. We do Bible studies, team events like tie-dye, and team worship.

Do you find that the coaching staff is approachable when you are seeking advice?

Yes, I think all the coaches are open and great at giving advice. My freshman year, the current Athletic Director, Todd Gibson was the track coach and I remember him inviting me into his office one of the first days of class. He told me if I ever needed help finding a tutor or help with anything, his office was always open. I have found that this is the same with our current track coach, Jessica Smith. I have gone to her office to talk about my personal life, family, track, and academics. She is always easy to talk to and makes herself available.

What has been your favorite track team memory?

My favorite memory was traveling to Ithaca, New York for the All-Atlantic Region Track and Field Conference Championship. It was really fun, from the bus ride to the actual meet. We were all focused and performed our best, then we got to hang out as a team for the remainder of the weekend.

Do you have any specific goals going into your final season?

I want to continue getting personal records in my events, the 60m, 100m, 200m, and the 4x100m relay. In addition, I hope to set a few school records in my respective events. Aside from sprinting, I am trying long jump for the first time this year and my goal is to get a mark!

What advice would you give a current high school senior who has one track and field season left before college?

Based on my high school experience, I was in my peak condition and I think it is important coming into freshman year of college to continue training throughout the summer. Also, when you get to college stay focused on your academics, but also make time to go to the gym. Track is a team sport, so have a good team spirit because you are contributing to how well the team does overall.

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