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The Tri-Rhos pose together for a picture outside of Hopeman hall during their annual Homecoming cookout

Grove City College Housing Group Spotlight: Tri-Rho

What is a Housing Group? Men have a unique opportunity at Grove City College to join “Housing Groups” (also known as “Independent Men’s Residence groups”). In addition to fraternities, these groups provide a crucial communal presence in the residence halls by their continued involvement throughout all of campus. These groups work individually as well as with other organizations on campus to host events, participate in Intramural sports, and live together in what is called “Block Housing”.

The Tri-Rhos pose together for a picture outside of Hopeman hall during their annual Homecoming cookout

Rho Rho Rho: The Tri-Rho housing group, commonly referred to as the “Rhos,” was established in 1974. The group’s official colors are maroon and gold and their mascot is a lion. Living in Hopeman Hall (a men’s dorm on campus), they pride themselves in being highly involved in campus activities both as a group and also as individuals. As a group, the events they put on annually include:

  • The Tri-Rho Hymn Sing
    • An annual event where Rhos gather together with “Rhoses” (female friends of rhos) and host a worship service
    • Through this event, the Rhos are the only group of its kind to offer chapel credit at an all-campus event.
  • Leaf Rake
    • Rhos go through the community providing community service every fall semester, raking leaves for free.
  • Open House
    • The Tri-Rho open house is the first rush event of the year where the Rhos open their doors and purchase Chinese food, welcoming prospective Rhos who have potential interest in joining the group.
  • Rho Sit
    • An event held spontaneously throughout the school year where the Rhos bring their couches out from their halls and put them on Lincoln lawn. The Rhos welcome friends to join them in playing spike ball and cornhole as they enjoy the weather.
  • BYOM
    • Once a month, the Rhos open their dorm rooms and invite friends to “bring your own mug” to the hall to partake in coffee and tea as they share good conversation and delicious cookies.
  • Nugfest
    • Every spring the Rhos partner with a fraternity on campus known as the Okies. The two groups plan and carry out the event known as Nugfest in which they purchase thousands of chicken nuggets and hand them out to people on campus.
  • The Annual Tri-Rho Extravaganza
    • The Extravaganza is the arguably the most anticipated, but objectively the most heavily attended, event on campus. The Rhos go to great lengths to make this event “extravagant”. Hosted in February, the extravaganza is a dance where the Rhos have a coat check, door prizes, mocktails, cheesecake, shrimp cocktails, a photo booth, and a senior surprise. The best part about this event is that it is completely free of charge.


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