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Spooky Season Strategics: Your Horror Movie Guide

It’s October, you’re stuck inside your dorm room with nothing to do, how about a horror movie? As spooky season approaches, the weather gets colder, the days become shorter, and sleep schedules everywhere are thrown into chaos because of scary movies. Guys confidently ask girls to come over to watch “The Conjuring” or “Get Out” only to realize they can’t make it through the movie without frequently crying and nervously checking the dim lit hallway on the other side of the house. Having a boo to watch horror flicks with makes everything better, and a bowl of popcorn and a blanket doesn’t hurt either, but regardless of your tactics to reduce the fright factor, these five movies are sure to stick with you long after the credits roll.

1. The Shining:

An oldie but a goodie, this serial killer thriller stars Jack Nicholson in a role you won’t soon forget.

2. The Conjuring:

Warning: for experienced horror movie fans only! There’s no other way to say it, you will not sleep for at least a week after viewing this movie. Watch at your own risk, and with others. That said, it’s an excellent movie staring Patrick Wilson, a top tier actor.

3. Poltergeist:

Another oldie that illusively contains some considerably scary moments for a 1982 film. The shot for shot 2015 remake is good as well, and the advanced special effects make it even scarier.

4. Get Out:

Jordan Peele directed and wrote this psychological thriller that catapulted Daniel Kaluuya into the national spotlight. You might want to watch a Disney movie directly after this film for recovery because it plays with the mind and introduces true fear into a seemingly loving relationship in a way that will haunt you for days.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street:

Everyone knows about Freddy Krueger, the burnt faced, claw handed, hat wearing, dream killer. The lines are cheesy, the special effects are elementary, and the scares won’t leave you trembling but for some reason, A Nightmare on Elm Street is a must watch in the horror genre.

As October rolls along and we creep toward Halloween, it’s vital to have a base foundation of go-to scary movies for the season. When asked about his horror movie preferences, Nick Grasso, creator of GrassyFilms said, “Scary movies are elite and effective, especially at Halloween. Watching some new ones and some old ones can make for a great time for a group of friends or a couple on a date. There’s just no feeling like being scared.” Don’t forget to do some research before hand and make sure to find at least 1 other person to watch with, because face it: only crazy people watch horror movies alone. Grab some snacks and soda and a seat on the sofa for a hauntingly good time this Halloween with any of the movies listed above, and don’t forget to check the cellar door before you go to bed! Happy watching, and happy Halloween.



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