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Business Capstone Course: Business Policy and Strategy

Business Policy and Strategy is a Capstone Course at Grove City College, which means that all Business majors are required to take the course. Professor Richard Kocur teaches the course and relates real-world concepts from his time in the business world. This course gives an outline of the different strategies that are used within management and teaches how to be an effective manager.

Certain courses are required for all Business majors, such as Principles courses in Finance, Accounting, Management, and Marketing. Business Policy and Strategy brings together topics learned in each Principles class. I enjoyed that students in this course come from different Business majors because it helps to see the business world through many different perspectives. Since my major is Marketing, I tend to only think about the marketing side of a business. This class enables me to see things from the different viewpoints of the different majors within the Business program, such as Finance or Accounting.

There is a lot of group work in the class that helps you to master the material taught in class. Each class, the professor lectures about a topic, and an assignment typically follows the new material. I also enjoyed being a part of several group presentations throughout the semester. These group presentations help you to learn and apply what is taught in class and in class readings. These projects have also increased my confidence with group work, which is an essential aspect of the business world. In addition to a heavy emphasis on group work, this course features some individual assignments and two exams.  Seniors take this course because it ties everything together that is learned in other Business courses at Grove City College. Business Policy and Strategy is definitely a course that should motivate you to look forward to your senior year as a Business major!

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