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The Remnant Part 1

On March 16, 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak reached a point that prompted the Grove to close its doors and move to online classes. Despite valiant efforts from the Grove City faculty to keep the Grove open, the governor of Pennsylvania issued a state-wide stay at home order that forced schools to shut down. While most students were able to make it home and continue online, what became of those of us who could not go home? We became “The Remnant” – a tightknit group of misfits from Singapore, Hungary, Nigeria, Australia, and several other countries. I live in Hawaii, which despite being in the U.S., had travel restrictions that prevented me from returning home.

Upon realizing I would be nearly alone on campus, I decided to begin journaling to keep myself busy. Here is my first entry.

March 18, 2020

Today is Wednesday. Two days ago the College informed us that all who don’t have an extremely compelling reason to stay must leave due to concerns about COVID-19. At this point, most of my friends have left campus. The feelings of loneliness have already begun to set in and I’m beginning to dread the coming weeks. I’m writing this now because I hope that perhaps writing will take my mind off things, and perhaps help me process all that’s going on. On the bright side, because I am staying and most of my friends don’t want to take all of their food home with them, they’ve left almost all of it with me. At this point I think I have enough ramen to conceivably survive for close to three weeks without leaving my hall. If nothing else, I’ll be well fed for the next few weeks. I start online classes next week and suffice to say I am not thrilled with the prospect. I’ll do my best to continue writing about my experiences (or lack thereof) as they take place. Until next time. -Jacob


It was shaping up to be a bleak semester, but the clouds had a silver lining. Two days later, on March 20, I received an email from one of the remaining students asking if anyone wanted to start a group chat for all those still on campus. Through this group I met some great friends that I stay in touch with to this day. I am glad I had this group to walk beside me through that semester, because I do not think I would have stayed sane without them. 


Stay tuned for further installments of “The Remnant!”

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