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The Value of Projects and Presentations

As a Business major, there is a heavy load on individual and group projects and presentations. Most classes have at least one project and many classes have several projects each semester. As a senior Marketing major, I recently have been reflecting on the different projects that I have worked on while at Grove City College. It is important to be comfortable with giving presentations as a Business major.  Some projects I enjoyed more than others, but every project teaches you something. With every presentation you give, you get better and better at public speaking. Plus, it makes you more confident. From the time when I was a freshman until now I have grown so much in my confidence, especially with public speaking. I used to be very nervous to deliver a presentation to a class, but now that I have done it so much, I feel much more confident and I am not nearly as nervous. My favorite project that I ever worked on (and later presented) was in Risk Management and Insurance, which is taught by Dr. Wayne Biddle. Before the class, I had no idea what risk management was and knew very little about insurance. As the course went on, I learned more and more and by the end of the course I not only mastered the material, but my interest in the subject grew. We had a big project for the class where we had to take photos of “risks” that we found outside of the classroom and then do an analysis of the risks. This project was one of my favorites because it really made me think beyond the scope of the hour and fifteen minute class. The material was so applicable that the project was actually a lot of fun. By the time I finished the project and presented to the class, I felt like I learned the material that I learned in class so much better now that I was able to apply it to real life. Projects and presentations are all about what you make them to be. The more work and effort you put into them, the more you will benefit from them and learn new skills. My suggestion is that you take advantage of projects because there is an opportunity to learn so much.

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