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Marketing Electives: Advertising

Marketing majors have the option to take different electives that apply toward your degree. There are core marketing classes that everyone must take, and there are others that you can choose from, which are “marketing major electives.” I like having the option between different courses because I can choose to take electives that I am interested in learning more about. This semester, I chose to take an advertising course taught by Dr. Scott Powell. I have taken every one of Dr. Powell’s classes because he is an incredibly intelligent marketing professor and I learn a ton about marketing from his classes. Dr. Powell’s classes are wonderful and I highly recommend his courses, especially if you are a marketing major.

Last year, I began thinking about a possible career in advertising. Advertising has always been interesting to me, but I had no idea what kind of career I could go into with it. I signed up for this course because I wanted to learn about advertising more so that I knew if it was a career of possible interest for me. As all of Dr. Powell’s classes are, this course is phenomenal and very relevant.

My favorite part of this course is that we spend a ton of time watching, analyzing, and discussing different commercials. I never paid attention to “good” commercials and “bad” commercials until I began to study them in class. It is amazing how much thought and work goes into creating a commercial, and I never realized how complex the industry was until I began to study it. Many people tend to think that advertisers are all super creative and artistic, but advertising is SO much more than the average person realizes. There are many different careers within the field, and most of the careers do not require any artistic or creative skills. If you are interested in a career in advertising, or if you want to learn more about it, I highly recommend this course. Though it is challenging, it is extremely interesting and it is guaranteed that you will learn a lot!

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