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Election Night 2020

Grove City College is such a special place for so many reasons, but one reason why I particularly find the college to be such a unique place is because of the students’ passion for politics. Many college students have little interest in politics – but not Grovers!

Being that Grove City College is a conservative Christian college, many students are Republican. Weeks before the election, students wore their “Trump gear” loud and proud. I have seen more MAGA red hats and “Trump 2020 T-shirts” on campus than anywhere else. Students here are passionate about what they believe and they are not afraid to show it. I find it so wonderful that students can express their beliefs and be supported by so many others.

Even though many Grove City students may be the minority for being Republicans (most college-aged students are liberal), we are not afraid to show it! Election night was on Tuesday and it was a pretty tense day around campus. Students did not know what to expect and were eager to see the results. In the Student Union, students gathered to watch both the presidential and vice-president debates. There was a great turnout for both events. Tuesday night, students gathered outside of the student union from 7 p.m. to midnight to watch the results of the presidential election come in. The election was projected onto a large white screen outside, chairs and heat lamps were set up, and there were plenty of snacks. Like I said, many students here are passionate about politics – so passionate that they are willing to sit outside in the cold to watch the election. This election was especially important for our country and it is really neat that students could gather together to watch the results. Obviously, we did not find out the results of the election that night, but I am really glad that I got to experience this election at Grove City College. I am so proud to attend a college where I can voice my opinion freely and where students are in such strong community with each other.

As a senior, election day 2020 is one day that I will always remember. It was so fun to watch the election with other students. Grove City College truly is a unique place and I feel so blessed that I am able to experience the values that many students share.

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