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Often, students do not know whether they can handle having a job while also taking classes. Though it may not work well for some students, other students enjoy working while in college. Some students work off campus, but those jobs are typically more hours each week and scheduling around classes and homework could be stressful. Many students enjoy working right at the College because you can work for just a few hours a week and it is very flexible work. Also, you get to save time and gas because you will not have to commute to an off-campus job. Having a job on campus does not mean that you have to work long, hard hours. Many students only work 5-10 hours a week.

There are several different areas of the College where you can work to make some extra cash. The cafeterias are always looking for help – you can work in the dish room, clean tables, or even bake desserts! Lots of students work in the cafeterias and enjoy the work. Another common job around campus is that students can be a Teacher’s Assistant for a professor. I am a TA for an Accounting professor and I really enjoy it. TA’s do tasks such as grade papers, grade homework, make copies, or input data. This is a great job because often you can work right from your dorm, and the scheduling is typically very informal because it is up to you and the professor to negotiate hours.

One other option you have is to work as a desk attendant, which is a very simple job. For example, you may work an hour or two in the lobby of a dorm building just to keep an eye on things and be there to answer questions that one may have. You can even do homework on the job! I recently asked my friend, Isabella, whether she preferred her on-campus job or her off-campus job at the outlet mall. She answered, “I am a big fan of on-campus jobs. It is not only convenient, but I save so much time driving to and from work. Plus, I do not have to spend money on gas! I also like that the work is very flexible and that the College understands that college students are busy. Plus, it is very low key and I often can do my homework while I am on the clock at my desk job! It is a double win!”  There are many other jobs available around campus and it should not be not very hard to find something that interests you!

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