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College and COVID-19

In March 2020, everything seemed to get crazy. Students were sent home in the middle of March due to the coronavirus. Students, parents, teachers and employees were all panicked because it was such a strange and uncertain time. We did not end up returning until the fall of 2020. Since returning in August, things have certainly been different at Grove City College. Though it is such a different and stressful time, I learned a lot about myself and have also been able to try things that I have never tried.

As an introvert, social-distancing and not attending functions with large groups is no sacrifice for me. I prefer to hang out with a few close friends, and especially this semester, my friends and I have become closer than ever. Since many College events were cancelled this semester, there was lots of extra time (especially during the weekends) to just sit back and chill out together. Having nothing to do was actually a lot of fun! My friends and I have talked so much more this semester and we were able to form a tighter bond. The pandemic taught my friends and I that no matter what we do, we have fun! There were many movie nights and game nights this semester. We never really did simple stuff like that before, but since a lot of things were cancelled this year, we were able to just sit back and relax together.

The pandemic has also allowed me to appreciate the College’s beauty so much more. Grove City College is truly a beautiful campus and this semester I was able to appreciate its beauty more than ever. Because it is safer, I spent a lot of time outside playing games or hanging out with friends. I also have taken more walks this semester than any other semester in my college career! It is fun to get off of campus and discover new places.

Yes, college life in a pandemic is a stressful combination. Though this semester was full of changes, I was able to make the best of it by spending extra time with my friends and appreciating the College’s beauty. As students, we are thankful that we were able to be on campus this fall, despite the craziness of the world.

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