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Outside The Grove: Hiking

Balancing Rock

Many students at Grove City College come to realize that though we may have mixed feelings about harsh Pennsylvania winters, there are undeniable upsides come spring and fall. Being from Colorado, I grew up with an appreciation for nature and while western PA lacks anything quite as stark as the Rocky Mountains, it certainly has its redeeming qualities. Here are a few that I have explored, anywhere from walking distance from campus to a few hours drive:

  1. Moraine State Park: Moraine State Park is built around Lake Arthur. Lake Arthur is a large and oddly shaped expanse of water with around 40 miles of shoreline. Inside the park there are floating docks, nature trails, hiking trails, bike paths, fishing docks, and plenty of rolling hills and forest. Park rules and weather conditions can be restrictive to camping, so do some research beforehand if you decide to go.
  2. Grove City “poop loop”: this area is given its nickname by students because in the middle of the open space, there is a sewage plant. Officially, the area is called the Grove City Borough Bike Trail. A quiet winding road connects the rest of Grove City to a park. At the park there are soccer fields, a disc golf course, and several miles of bike path much of which is along Wolf Creek.
  3. Trough Creek State Park: this state park is a few hours from Grove City, but I found it worth the drive. While there are over 12 miles of trails most of which I haven’t seen, the biggest attraction at this park is the Balanced Rock. The hike goes along Trough Creek and across a suspension bridge, past a waterfall, and ascends to the ledge on which the infamous rock is perched.

This is far from an exhaustive list and is simply a small sampling of the great outdoors accessible from Grove City.

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