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Balanced Rock

Outside The Grove: Hiking

Many students at Grove City College come to realize that though we may have mixed feelings about harsh Pennsylvania winters, there are undeniable upsides come spring and fall. Being from Colorado, I grew up with an appreciation for nature and while western PA lacks anything quite as stark as the Rocky Mountains, it certainly has […]


Spring Chapel: Dr. Schaefer

Grove City College’s Dr. Schaefer, one of many esteemed members of Biblical and Religious Studies (BARS), delivered the message at Chapel on March 23. The message was based on Psalm 40:1-10, and Hebrews 10:5-10. Because the content of chapels was something that appealed to me when considering admissions, and because it is what many students […]


Computer Science and the Liberal Arts

At Grove City College, liberal arts are regarded with the utmost of value concurrently with vocational excellence. Daniel Supplee, a current senior, my good friend, a Trustee Scholarship recipient, and a Computer Information Systems (“CIS”) major with minors in Cybersecurity and Business, wrote the following in response to my questions about his choice of major, […]

Basic Elements of a Financial Plan

As students progress through college, often their mindset shifts from “broke college student” to “young professional.” And their questions shift from “how do I afford pizza next Friday night” to “how am I going to save for retirement?” A financial plan is a sensitive and individualized thing. Different people look at finances differently, and that […]

Memorial Hall, a men's freshman dorm, and my first campus home

Move-in Day: Tips and Tricks

Nothing is more anxiety-inducing to some students than move-in day. Not only are you going to meet a whole swath of new people and make new friends, you have a lot to remember, a lot to do, and oftentimes not a ton of time to do it. This post contains a few helpful tips that […]


Learning by Moonlight: Night Classes

Night classes may sound like something taken by part time students who work during the day, or like a last resort for students who would rather have their evenings free for activities, homework, or extracurriculars. At Grove City College, however, my experience with night classes has been excellent. This post will discuss the upsides of […]


Accounting/Finance Majors: CPA, CMA, CFP, CFA

If you are or considering becoming an accounting and/or finance major, you have probably heard a lot of acronyms thrown around in reference to different professional certifications (read: exams) that you can acquire. This article is aimed at breaking down some of the confusion and clarifying what each one is. This is the first step in […]

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